Photography - Portland, OR

Photography is the act of viewing the world through the camera’s eye. I get a special feeling when I open the camera and slip in the film. I know that I am about to begin a new photo adventure.

"The camera will provide me a new way of seeing."

The camera will provide me a new way of seeing, not simply take pictures. My vision will be rendered in B&W or in color and it will be a square shape. The resulting picture is my interpretation of the world, as skewed by the lens and film I use.

Yes, I shoot on 35mm film with an SLR, not a digital SLR, of course.  Digital pictures have a crisp immediacy to them that I am quite used to by now, but I find there is still something about the look and feel of film that I really like.  It can be sensual, erotic, lush or harsh.   

I rarely pose a shot, even if I am shooting a nude or a head shot, it is the candid representation of self I look for when I photograph people.

Black and white or color images – both provide a medium with which to seek out contrast, whether it be in light and dark or in colors.  My images have been corrected in Photoshop to look like the original prints. They have not been altered except to take out any errors the scanning process created.